Used Musical Gear – Why You Might Give a Damn!

This will be about describing the three most important and relevant things that must be in place so that a person can learn and play music and specifically how used musical gear plays a key role. The idea is that we are going to blend the theory with the practice with the instruments. So those are the three things: theory, practice and the instrument.

Accessing the Theory

The theory means why does music work the way it does? It typically is the type of question that an adult will ask you and will want to know, such as the “why this?” and the “why that?” These things are important but they can be learned in a modular online course that has resources and activities like videos on what a major scale consists of or how to form different types of intervals and how to identify them and maybe why they are important. But mostly, this “why material” can all exist as accessible lessons in a course laden with lots of great music theory content.

Attending to Practice

Then there’s the practice part and this part is not about the why but about being able to do something almost at an unconscious or is it subconscious level. Things we do like tying shoes or driving a car. You don’t think anymore about which hand to hold the lace and what goes over what or whatever, you just do it and it’s done. This is our goal when we play music. Practicing music to get our skills into the subconscious can be done using two great iPad apps that don’t cost much and that are really great. These apps are Tenuto and ReadRhythm.

Finding a Musical Instrument

The third part is having a musical instrument to play and this is where knowing about getting used musical gear is great because often a student will want to try something out for awhile and after that trial period may find out that it’s too hard for them or that it doesn’t make the kind of connection that they thought it would.

You shelled out significant cash for a new instrument and you now may be left with something that you no longer need. That’s where a community comes in. And if you are looking to try out an instrument you could purchase one of these used tested quality lower cost instruments and later exchange it for something else. In fact, some communities are happy to do a dollar-for-dollar value exchange based on the published value of the gear.

And those are the three ingredients that must be blended to learn and play music. All the best!