Unveiling Sacred Sensual Sexual Musical Rhythm: Play That Unconscious Primal Blues Tune!

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Find and Blow That Saxophone of Unmitigated Stress Release

How many interesting people have you encountered today? Can you name one, two, possibly three? And, what exactly is it that made them especially interesting to you? Of the selected people, can you remember what their names were? Was it their smile, tone of voice, fragrance, and/or attitude? When remembering any one of these attributes, which one specifically stood out in your mind the most?

Or did you spend yet another day without even the possibility of discovering even one ‘notable’ human being? IF this be the case, your participation in your daily affairs is at an all time low and in need of rejuvenation. Let’s see what we can do about that!

We have been on somewhat of an esoteric excavation into the unconscious mind, in the last few articles. No reason to slow up, now. In order, to establish and maintain a creative sublimely sacred sensual sexual artistic dialogue with the deepest parts of your hidden nature, you must begin to recognize the available signs, omens, indications, and connections offered during the course of the day.

Beginning tomorrow, note the very first person you come in contact with whom you do not know as a friend, acquaintance, or family member. Recognize and relate the first name. When I say relate, I mean do you know anyone else with that particular name? [Most especially someone from your past] Does that person remind you of someone else, if so, how specifically? Mentally record the apparent similarity.

Next, be increasingly aware of the particular conversation taking place. If a radio happens to be playing note the particular song. If not, as soon as it is feasibly possible and when you have access to music, record the very first words of the song you are able to listen to. It holds a valuable message from your subconscious that is pertinent to your life as it currently stands. Pay attention to its flavor.

With the very next words I write, I ask you to ascribe whatever particular meaning you have to them: “It only takes a small grain of sand to form an exquisite pearl in an oyster shell.” What does this sentence mean to you, respectively? Think about it! What has an oyster, sand or pearl have to do with anything in your life at this precise moment?

Just jot down whatever comes to mind. Do not ponder on the words too long nor try to dissect too much reference to the miracle associated. Simply be acutely aware of how these particular random words play themselves out in the coming weeks. You will be humorously entertained when one, all or the symbolic representation shows up in your face.

Their innocuous appearance may come in the form of a line on a television show, advertisement, book, restaurant menu; a casual remark made in the grocery store or may be even in a doctor’s office. Who knows? Many, many ways and means do the obscured messages appear without warning or provocation.

OK Let’s continue with this silly esoteric game. Everyone has ingrained fears of some sort. Whether they are recognizable physical fears, mental apparitions or socially related taboos, the bottom line is that we are all inherently afraid of something. WE worry, fret and dwell on things that might possibly happen that we would not like to go through. In other words, we like to think of our upcoming experiences as relatively pleasant and without much ensuing chaos.

However, it is those underlying silent fears that we are not even aware of that cause us our most turbulent problems. How can we become aware of what some of these might be? First, of all, we must be willing to surrender the idea that any of our preconditioned ideas are fixed and immovable, unable to be penetrated by unusual and unlikely infiltration.

Because we are connected to which transpire in our existence and beyond, nothing occurs that we are innately unaware of. IF and when we have need of the specific applicable information, IT is always provided. The key is tuning into and onto the frequency of transferable vibration upon which it rides.

In one of my other articles, “Everybody’s Got A Story, So What?” The implication is that we are all carrying incredible indelible stories layered, filtered, dispersed and propagate but WHAT does it matter IF we’re not paying attention to the broadcast?

Anyway, with the very next phone call you receive, one of your most prevalent fears will be dispersed. You will not have to listen carefully or dissect every word, nor do you have to try to interpret the communication offered. But, you must do to is open yourself to the initial receptivity and allow your unconscious to process the information. In other words, simply be willing to ‘go with the flow.’

We possess inherent masterful esoteric mind power of which we have not begun to access. But, this minute can ignite the process IF we delve into the realm of the ‘not so ordinary’ reception of ideas and messages. It’s an enormous amount of fun simply being human but when combined with the extraordinary games riding piggy back in our daily activities, it makes for a real ‘hoot and holler’ experience of the best kind.

When you actually establish and maintain the working relationship between your conscious and unconscious mind, you begin to open up in every aspect of your life. You will immediately begin to experience heightened sensations and accelerated tastes. Sounds will enliven your world. Sacred Sensual sexual artistic episodes will show up erratically to the point of absurdity.

You will laugh aloud for the inability to discount the credence associated. People will note a difference in your demeanor. You’ll suddenly begin to look younger and less haggard. Ah! Ha1 Sounds like either a lie or magic, right? Try it. That’s all you have to do.

But, remember and never ever forget. It’s all in the details; the seemingly overlooked insignificant details tell the tale. The clues are often buried in multiple ‘Lego like’ structures. The theme is masked deliberately. That’s the humorous part; the ‘webbous’ labyrinth involved in unraveling the self-projected mystery.

We are repeatedly gaining knowledge throughout the day! This knowledge proves to be invaluable only when we appreciate the sacredness of the honor in it. Nothing is without a divine reason attached. When we add our entrenched logic to the matter, we often times come up with the supposed ‘right’ answer but have not satisfied the soul’s curiosity.

Living passionately involves going beyond the boundaries of what is expected and accepted. It also involves following a path whose direction is not yet paved. And, can only be carved by your individual foot prints. Now is the time, to accelerate your esoteric journeyed experiment in love, life, laughter, liberty and lathering days of sudsy rollickingly musical play.

You got your bubbles? I got mine!

PS The next available song you hear that has a saxophone in the musical composition: heed the stark message. It’s real personal.