The Art of Playing by Ear

Playing by Ear is a skill that takes you to a new level of playing piano.

When you play by ear, you have the enjoyment of playing music that inspires you and your listeners. Your playing becomes musical because you play from your HEART. Notice the word ‘hEARt’ has the word EAR inside. When you play by EAR, your heart is totally involved in your playing, your music has a depth of quality that comes across strikingly powerful to the listeners.

You create quality music that is interesting and compelling because you are totally involved in the music. Also, you have a special ability t play music in the style that is uniquely yours. It has your signature in it. When you play by ear, you can never play a song in the same way.

In other words, if you play a song by reading it, you can play the song only one way, in the style of the person who arranged it. So instead of playing in only one style, you are going to acquire spontaneity and versatility to make beautiful variations in a song. This is the art of making music. You play songs with creative freedom from your heart, not by sight or by memory.

When you use your ears, your heart and emotions will also come into play. This is how you become the best musician. Playing piano after all is an art. When you whole being is involved, the artistic side will come out to the forefront to bring the best out of your playing.