Set Up a Website For Your Musical or Play

Most artistic people would love to live in a world where if you create something unique and entertaining, the audience will come to you. Actually that is probably true, but it takes an awfully long time for the audience to find you. How long can you wait for the word to spread about the brilliant work you’re putting up on stage? If it takes a few week for the buzz to start getting around about your show, your run may already be over.

The truth is you want to get people in the seats right now. You probably don’t have a huge promotional budget to work with, but you don’t necessarily need one. There are a lot of tools today that let you tell the masses about your show without requiring a huge investment. With some techniques all you need to spend is your time.

What am I hinting at? You can use sites like Facebook and Twitter to build a following for your show, particularly if members of your cast and crew are active on those sites. When you include photos and videos in social media sites like these, you can get a lot of attention easily. Think about it. If I see a cool picture or video all it takes is a click of my mouse to pass it along to my friends.

Those sites don’t work very well in a vacuum, though. Once someone sees a tweet about your show and wants to learn more, where do they go? That’s why you need to have a website. It’s the home base for all of your marketing efforts. Get someone interested enough that they want to know more. Than make sure you have a website gives them either a link or a phone number to purchase tickets.

Websites are not difficult to create. Sure you could hire a design company to build an incredibly complex site with rich multimedia and advanced features. That’s great if you can afford it, but it isn’t strictly necessary. Buy a domain name for $10 and set up a site at It may not be the most intricate site in the world, but it makes it that much easier to fill the house.