Mother and Son Wedding Songs: Music to Play For Your Mom at the Wedding

A wedding ceremony is never complete without those special songs and dances. Different parts of a wedding are enhanced by the music playing in the background. Choosing a song for each of these parts can be challenging at first. Let’s discuss one of the most important wedding dances – the mother son dance – and how you can choose the perfect mother wedding song for you.

Mother Son Dance

This is a traditional dance shared by the mother of the groom and the groom himself. It is the groom’s way of showing his love and appreciation for everything his mother has done for him. Putting a little time and thought into the process will mean so much to her.

How to Choose the Perfect Song

There are numerous mother wedding songs you can choose from, which can be overwhelming. Below are helpful tips to follow when choosing the perfect song for this important dance:

  • Always plan ahead. Some people might think that choosing a song for this dance is easy that they often take this task for granted. When it is time to decide which song to play, they may realize that it is not so easy after all! For instance, you might choose a song without realizing that the tempo is too fast for comfortable dancing. Make your choice in advance.
  • Make a list. Start making a list of songs that will be suitable for a mother son dance. Feel free to include some popular songs. You can also ask your mother if there is a song she prefers. Show her your list and discuss things together.
  • Get ideas. If you are having difficulty finding the right song for this particular dance, ask your friends, family members and/or fiancee for help. Browse the internet for websites about mother wedding songs. Are you going to hire a wedding DJ or a band? You entertainer can also provide you with songs that are commonly used for parent dances.
  • Understand the message of the song. Although the songs you have on your list are about mothers and sons, it is still important to check the lyrics or message of the songs. Make sure it is appropriate for the relationship you have with your mother.
  • Practice. After you have already chosen a song, take some time to practice the dance steps with your mom. You might also consider dance lessons so you can both perfect the dance before the wedding.

Popular Songs For A Mother Son Dance

Country Song – “Wish For You” by Faith Hill
Christian Song – “The Perfect Fan” by Backstreet Boys
Rock Song – “Old Time Rock and Roll” by The Beatles

Other Songs:

“Hero” by Mariah Carey
“A Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men

A mother son dance is an important dance because it showcases the love between a mother and child. The right choice of song will definitely help make this dance more memorable and heart-felt.

Why Do We Like The Music We Do

What is music? Every sound which exists is comprised of sound waves. The thing which differentiates music from other sound waves, is the way in which the sound waves vibrate and decrease from loud to soft. Dropping a metal pan on the floor will give a jarring and erratic set of vibrations. Whereby striking a note on a piano chord for instance, would present a softer more uniformed and smooth transition from loud to soft. A musical note is of course going to be more pleasant to the ear.

There is an old saying “music sooths the savage beast.” This holds certain truth and is also an understatement. The surface will barely be scratched here as music plays a large part in our lives, however, let us continue to give it an overview.

We all grow up with certain songs or music that ring a bells with our entire being. For example, when I listen to “A Summer Place,” I am immediately carried back to the summer months in the fifties. The experience is so profound that I can remember how the sun felt on my face, the smell of the hot dogs that were cooked over an open fire and the laughter of friends and family.

A theory exists that certain notes or chords ring with a vibration that is particularly harmonious to certain people. Have you ever listened to a song and had “goose bumps?” If the answer to that question is yes, then you give validation to this theory. When you receive such goose bumps from a certain song or piece of music, then that has a profound affect on the subconscious. By adding a little intense emotion to the equation, you are left with a powerful, indelible, blueprint on your subconscious that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

An example would be that you receive news of a death of a loved one at the same time that a specific piece of music was playing on the radio. You would have a lasting impression of that particular piece of music. And for no apparent reason, you may find yourself thrown into a deep state of depression some years later when hearing the same song. The exact same can also be experienced when listening to certain music about a “positive” feeling, for example, a certain song or piece of music on your wedding day or graduation.

It is a proven fact that music plays on your subconscious. In the past you may have found yourself humming a tune, but you could not remember where you had heard it before. You later discover that it was from a new television commercial. This is something that the advertising industry pays a huge amount of money for and they go to great lengths to carry out research as to why and how music works on the subconscious mind. It is also for this reason that large companies go to great lengths to reconstitute classics that were originally performed on stage and screen by some of the greats.

Therefore, when you find yourself humming a particular tune in the future, attempt to remember where and when you first heard it. Also try to remember what circumstances you heard it in. This will most probably help you to understand how past events in your life have been related to music. One thing is for sure, and I am willing to put a wager on it, is that the next time you hear “A Summer Place,” it will remind you of when you read this article.

Happy Listening!

Reading Sheet Music To Play Instruments

If you look all over the internet you will find that many sites offer free sheet music for just about every instrument. When looking for sheet music especially piano sheet music there are many different genres to choose from and this makes finding the music much easier. As the turn of the century arrived piano sheet music became very popular among young adults, many people were playing the piano and parlor music became the new trend to sweep the country, this made sheet music very popular. So much so, that every home had a piano and more often than not at least one member of the family could play it.

Sometimes it is hard to read sheet music, this is not because it is hard in general it just takes practice, the more you practice reading the sheet music the better you will becomes at it. When learning any instrument and you want to learn like a pro you need to learn the sheet music, understand it and process it.

Music directors and other musicians use sheet music for different songs and it covers many different vocal ranges and instruments. It will only teach you how to play songs and compositions by rote. Nonetheless, not everyone is blessed with the ability to play songs by ear. Musicians back then publish their songs in these unbound sheets of paper. Going back to the 19th century most of the songs in the USA became popular by sheet music. In the past not all songs were written down so most of the popular might have been lost.

If you are looking to improve your musical talents a create resource is the internet, you can download free sheet music and this will benefit you in many ways because it allows you to play other pieces of music. Musicians that are struggling musicians find it much easier to find sheet music, most of the time they can download it from the internet for free. Today, sheet music is found on many music sites on the Internet with some giving an option of free downloads.

The Internet has brought forth many resources for musicians, from one-click access to research of songs, pieces and bands, to easy access to catalogues full of thousands of instruments and other products that can be ordered and shipped directly to them with a few simple clicks. As pieces of music get complicated for the person playing it the notation of the music becomes more complicated and the difficulty to the compose the music becomes harder, because of all this you will learn how to write the music as you go along. There are literally thousands, if not millions of musical pieces for violinists to play.

To have a good grasp of the notes for a guitar a good suggestion is that you learn them slowly and with concentration. Most violin music is written in the middle C so when producing notes they are written on the treble clef. When you learn a piece of music with traditional sheet music you are not just learning the notes you are also learning another language.

How Can I Learn to Understand Music & Piano Playing?

The graceful flourishes of a well-played piano masterpiece are sounds that many people would love to create. From trained professionals to child prodigies, a brilliantly played piano can steal the show. But great lessons are costly and involve scheduling time away from your busy life. So how do you learn how to play the piano or deepen your knowledge of the instrument?

Piano workbooks can provide a solid foundation in theory, an effective practice routine, and piano classics in one package. If you don’t have the time or money for lessons, consider buying a few piano workbooks.

The obvious advantages of piano workbooks are the ability to set your own pace and practice at your convenience. Just sit down at the bench after dinner, crack open the book, and hear your playing improve.

The only downside is that you must develop self-motivation to flourish when studying from piano workbooks. Like any great discipline, you must develop some kind of regimen to progress. With a teacher, you’ll always have someone keeping track of how well you’re doing. By studying from a workbook, you’ll have to keep an eye on your own progress.

Piano workbooks range from those that focus on the basics to those that provide a comprehensive explanation of musical theory. The best offer a good amount of theory, exercise and musical notation. Whatever type of study you are seeking, there are certainly several piano workbooks available that suit your needs.

Some piano workbooks may be a look and listen experience. They may come with CDs that let you hear the examples listed in the book. This is great for the unsure learner who may need more than just text to explain a concept. It’s also wonderful for hearing how an exercise is supposed to be played or how a particular piece is intended to sound.

Many books give examples of practice methods. Be sure to follow their instructions so that you don’t overexert your hand muscles, especially if you are a beginner or trying advanced techniques. Warm-up your hands with simple and light playing for a little while before going into an extended run across the keyboard.

Workbooks also contain essential piano pieces that combine theory and technique into music. The pieces provided range from simple pop songs to classical standards that will put your skills to the test. Piano workbooks often include biographical information on the composers of each piece so that you can learn the history of the instrument.

Besides simply playing, a deep understanding of the piano and pieces composed for it provides an appreciation for musical history.

Piano workbooks can offer an extensive training course to anyone willing to invest the time. Since they’re often compiled by a company, they contain more information than any one person can offer. Though a book can’t make you practice, they can be a benefit to dedicated students. So when you decide to fancy yourself a pianist and set out to master the works of Franz Liszt, consider the tutelage that piano workbooks can offer.