Music Producers Play a Broad Role

The work of music producers (also called record producers) usually takes place behind the scenes, and is seldom recognized by the public unless the producer is actively guiding the career of an upcoming musician. But, today’s music producers have come to play a broad role in the music production process, with many of them supervising the actual music recording session and even mixing and mastering their own productions.

While the established musician will generally insist on complete artistic control, an unknown artist will be wise to rely on the music producer to oversee the selection and arrangement of music. In fact, a music producer may actually oversee the entire recording process. Some producers will use their skills to “create an image” by suggesting lyrics and melodies, mentoring the artist, choosing a personal stylist for the artist, and selecting the cover art.

In today’s popular music scene, music production companies and music producers are liaisons between the artist and his record label, or an artist and his manager. The producer’s main function is to discover new talent and sign musicians to a production contract. It is up to the producer to grant permission to the production company to press, promote, and sell the artists’ works. In this way, music producer can help grow the professional musician’s career.

With the advent of audio production computer software, musicians and music producers need not be allied with a production company. Teams of engineers and technicians are no longer needed to create professional recordings. Late advances in music software have allowed musicians to work independently, writing, arranging, performing, and recording their own music. The advantage for the artist is to enjoy complete artistic control over his own music, without outside influences. But, just because any musician can record in a home studio on a PC or laptop computer does not mean the role of the music producer is no longer necessary. Aspiring musicians should understand that a music producer has the experience and background to make knowledgeable decisions that could make or break a musical career.

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Generate Soul Soothing Music by Playing Piano Online

Piano is an exceedingly popular musical instrument. It inspires grace and charm and is highly versatile. Several people take up piano for varied reasons. Some wish to learn a new skill, some enjoy expressing themselves through it, some do it for its therapeutic value and some wish to make a career out of it. Everyone wishes they could enthrall an audience and create something beautiful. The first step towards this dream is to take lessons. Less than five years ago, everyone who wanted to learn any instrument had to enroll in a class or hire a personal teacher.

A new trend

However, with the internet gaining popularity many people are turning to it for play piano online. A search for the words “play piano online” in Google gives you over several million returns. This shows the popularity of people learning to play piano online. Some online lessons cost money, but most are free. Piano enthusiasts upload various video lessons on popular websites. Some websites even sell sheet music for popular songs. If starting from scratch, one has to filter out the advanced websites and also make sure that they use the right website for all the theory. It is important to stick to one teacher or one website, since there are several approaches to teach the piano. A beginner can easily get lost, confused or over-whelmed due to the sheer number of websites available to play piano online. It takes a lot of research and commitment to scan through everything and figure out exactly what you want.

It is advisable to learn through an accomplished teacher only. This is done to get your base strong and ensure that you only learn the right techniques. Also, a beginner does not know what the piano notes should sound like. The novice has no clue about what a particular note or chord should sound like. Tuning will be a major problem for the untrained ear. No online instructor can train you on tuning.

It is better to learn the basics of piano through a class or a teacher. Once the fundamentals are set in your mind, you can develop your skills by learning new songs through websites. Websites offer notes and chords of almost all songs. You can learn your favorites by downloading the sheet music or watching a video lesson. Once you learn the notes and the chords, your teacher can fine tune your playing. This is an effective way of using these online piano lessons. Only once you have the basics set, should you go ahead and explore the world of learning to play the piano online. This practice ensures that you keep learning the latest music and also get formal training. This way you can get the best of both worlds – practical learning and learning to play piano online.

Teaching yourself to play the piano online has its advantages but also its limitations. It is important to understand both sides making a decision. In the end, the decision must suit your needs and guarantee that you get the best possible training.

Nokia 6300 – Enjoy Live Music and Play Fascinating Games

The Nokia 6300, is one of the best models of Nokia, that comes with an awesome design along with glossy black finish, rounded edges and stainless-steel covers. It can attract anybody because of its ultra-modern looks. This product has a 2.0 inch large screen with support up to 16.7 million colours. The size of this widget can be measured in the dimensions of 106.4 x 43.6 x 11.7 mm. This gadget is light and weighs merely 91 grams. The user can carry it easily from one location to another location.

It has built-in 2.0 MP camera with 8x digital zoom that allows you to take superb quality images and pictures. The users can also record and play videos with the help of this elegant camera phone. One can also view the clear images on the device with the excellent resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

The advanced feature of Nokia 6300 is PC synchronization that uses Nokia PC Suite which supports Bluetooth with EDR rate and USB (Universal Serial Bus) technology. Both these technologies help in sharing data, images and videos to other compatible devices. An individual can connect to a computer and can transfer data with the help of USB. The WAP browser, that supports xHTML language, is helpful in connecting to the Internet quickly. With the help of this browser, a person can search anything on the web and can also access one’s email accounts.

Nokia phones come with fabulous multimedia features such as music player and FM radio. The music player enables you to listen favourite songs on the mobile with the support of file formats MP3, MP4, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC+. It is also embedded with Java MIDP 2.0 that is helpful for supporting Java applications. This handset can send messages with SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia messaging Service), Email and Instant messaging. A person can also send images to the other devices with the help of MMS feature. The Nokia Xpress on audio messaging feature allows you to send voice or audio clip to other phone. This phone also has the great voice features such as loudspeaker, Push-to-talk and voice commands.

The GSM network of this gadget helps the user to connect with the whole world in the quick way. This product is also enriched with high speed technologies like GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) class 10, EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) class 10 and HSCSD (High Speed Circuit-Switched Data). These technologies are helpful in quickly transferring data to the other devices. The built-in hands free feature allows you to attend important phone calls even when you are busy or you are driving your car.

This handset provides 7.8 MB of user memory which is capable of storing data up to 1000 entries. The microSD memory is used for expanding the external memory up to 2 GB. The standard Li-ion battery of this phone gives talktime up to 3 hours and 30 minutes and standby time up to 348 hours.

In other words, we can conclude that the Nokia 6300 is the great combination of style and fascinated features. Everybody can purchase this widget because it comes at a very reasonable price.

The Art of Playing by Ear

Playing by Ear is a skill that takes you to a new level of playing piano.

When you play by ear, you have the enjoyment of playing music that inspires you and your listeners. Your playing becomes musical because you play from your HEART. Notice the word ‘hEARt’ has the word EAR inside. When you play by EAR, your heart is totally involved in your playing, your music has a depth of quality that comes across strikingly powerful to the listeners.

You create quality music that is interesting and compelling because you are totally involved in the music. Also, you have a special ability t play music in the style that is uniquely yours. It has your signature in it. When you play by ear, you can never play a song in the same way.

In other words, if you play a song by reading it, you can play the song only one way, in the style of the person who arranged it. So instead of playing in only one style, you are going to acquire spontaneity and versatility to make beautiful variations in a song. This is the art of making music. You play songs with creative freedom from your heart, not by sight or by memory.

When you use your ears, your heart and emotions will also come into play. This is how you become the best musician. Playing piano after all is an art. When you whole being is involved, the artistic side will come out to the forefront to bring the best out of your playing.