Music – Its Position in Christian Ministry

Music is as old as human race. From the earliest days it has been employed in the service of God. There are various types of music, but as far as heaven is concerned, only Gospel music is recognized and that is the subject of this discussion. Gospel music is performed for the express purpose of bringing souls to Christ and establishing them in Christ. The distinctive qualities of Gospel music as compared to other music are that God is the source of the message while Holy Spirit is the communication power.

It is noted that if our music is melodious and loud, well composed, well practiced, and well performed, God will always rejoice with us as we dance vigorously to His name in holy commotion. However, it should be noted that though a song is melodious in our ears, yet it does not mean it is acceptable to the Lord. I mean, it is not all music performed in Gospel ministries today are effectively used by God. The reason for this can be adduced to the weakness of the composer, performer and the message. Most of the so-called Gospel music that abounds nowadays is just a means of achieving secular goals and not sacred ministry. Only performance dedicated to a sacred ministry can be effectively used to honour and edify the kingdom of God. Sacred music ministry does not necessarily require sonorous voice or flamboyant artistic performance, but rather a talented ability to sing or compose meaningful, purposeful, spirit-filled and timely songs.

Music ministry plays an important role in presenting the good news of Christ unto mankind and as such anyone in this ministry must always seek the mind of God and be in constant tune with Holy Spirit to know the circumstances and needs of the people at a particular time. In addition to the general requirements for all ministers, anyone in this ministry must also shun all forms of ungodly self-glorification, artistic performance and flamboyancy. A music minister is as powerful as a Pastor or an evangelist in any ministration. Music itself is a Spirit that has an irresistible force on mankind. No wonder it is always used to open evangelistic fields. Nevertheless, for this ministry to be really effective as a sacred ministry the message, medium and minister must be in constant and perfect tune with God.

When this becomes the case, the music minister would be was led to sing from the heart through inspiration. Inspired songs are filled with Biblical truths and not necessarily with danceable and enjoyable instruments. Taking a good time to pray concerning your ministration will always give you an edge over other ministers who did not prepare themselves before performing. Lastly, every music minister is expected to be a living example of his/her song. Your song should not contradict your lifestyle. As a minister, always try to imbibe all the Godly qualities as outlined in the Bible, for your ministration to be really powerful and thus edify the kingdom of God.