Music As A Great Motivator

Ever watch a group of teenagers listening to their music? They are all singing the lyrics in unison as loud as they can. They are motivating each other. We hear the music and suddenly our feet are tapping out the beat. It is not something we consciously do, it just happens. The music takes over our body and soul, so let it. Wherever you go music is always present. We all hear and complain about elevator music, yet we all are humming the tunes. The company Muzak doesn’t put music in elevators for the fun of it or do they. They understand that people get motivated in that cramped quarters and music keeps them occupied. They are making money on pleasing you. Now, that is motivation. Another example of public music is in the grocery store. The customers are always complaining about the old tunes, but there again they are walking around the market and standing in line at the register humming the tunes as if they loved them.

Music gets the body moving and the mind is free to be motivated. While writing this article my music is playing through my computer speakers, energizing me and motivating me to keep on writing. Allow your mind to start thinking and learn to motivate yourself with they help of music. As a child my first motivation that I can recall is watching a movie about a musician, Benny Goodman. This motivated me at the age of 8 to want to play the clarinet. The motivation was so strong that I had to wait one full year before my parents let me take music lessons and I played for 40 years.

Music plays a large part of our lives. Music can make you cry or laugh with joy and even make you feel proud. We all relate to music in some form. Let the music sway you to motivate yourself in very positive ways. We do work harder and better with music. Many years ago a business man who canned pineapples in Hawaii played upbeat music for the employees while they were working. The result was happy people whose production went wild. Motivation through music is great.

Listening to music allows your mind to dream and to motivate. It cannot be stopped. The blood starts flowing and the adrenalin starts pumping and there is the start of your motivation.