Learning to Play Piano – Benefits of Learning Music

Playing piano can be learned by several methods. Self taught by copying others and generally working out tunes. This is basically trial and error learning. This can be effective and some great musicians have learned this way. Some take the traditional route learning music and others learn chords without the benefit of music and play that way. This system can be particularly successful without learning to read music.

The benefits of learning music out way other methods in many ways, here are a number of benefits that learning music may provide you with.

· A wider range of musical styles can be played and understood quickly rather than having to work out each new style by trial and error.

· Composing of your own music can be carried out and recorded on paper for yourself or others to play. Composing your own music without understanding music can be done but needs to be remembered which can be difficult to do. This is especially true when a large number of music pieces are being composed or if the music is complicated.

· Music contains a number of instructions about the mood of the piece to be played. This aspect of a piece of music cannot be known unless the instructions are understood. The player can only copy what has been heard when others have played the same piece.

· The correct balance of left and right hand notes with the correct octave for each hand to provide the correct mood of the music is automatically played when reading music. The alternative is trial and error or experience which you will not have when learning to play.

· The notes to be played do not need to be remembered as they are written on the music allowing expression within the music to be concentrated upon.

· New music presented to you can be understood and played. Not understanding music would require the piece to be played by someone who did understand the music for you, to allow you listen to it and then copy.

· Music is an international language or at least western music is. No matter where you are in a western country you can play with others by the use of music regardless of the native tongue spoken in the country.

· Knowledge of music can only enhance your piano playing or any other instrument. No one ever played worse for possessing too much musical knowledge.

· Other than starting your own band, music as a career is not open to none readers of music. Those that read music can add musician, composer or conductor to name just a few possibilities to their possible job prospects.